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The open-air museum

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The open air museum

The Glomdal Museum consists of more than 90 historic buildings, arranged in farmyards and groups of houses from the same area, placed in natural surroundings with footpaths, fences and live animals.

Here you can experience how people have lived and worked for centuries. The actual surroundings of their lives: the farm, the mountain-farm and the logging hut, have all been recreated with genuine buildings. You can visit their homes and their places of work, see the fireplace they gathered around, the beds they slept in and the tools they used to make a living in the cold and scarcely productive interior of Norway. The open air museum is like a real-life picture book. Everything there shows signs of those who have lived there.

You will find a wealth of domesticated animals in the open air museum: cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, geese and ducks. The animals represent several old breeds, traditional in Norwegian farming. They also play an important part in forming the landscape through their grazing patterns. The various traditional fences enclosing the animals also represent part of a rich building heritage.

You will find most animals near the Elverum farm where a caretaker looks after them during summer. Children may pat some of the animals. Don't miss the feeding rounds at 5 pm!

Come inside!

With a tourguide you can enter almost any house in the open air museum. However, many people prefer to walk around on their own. Now you can also come "inside" several of the most interesting buildings without a guide. Inside the doors, glass walls have been put up, together with some information. These buildings are marked with the "come inside!" sign.

You can also purchase a guidebook to the open-air museum, in either English, German or French, available at the museum entrance. © Glomdalsmuseet

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